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If you're interested in the wonderful world of homemade wine, then you've come to the right place - Welcome to MyHomeWine! My name's William and apart from being a passionate winemaker myself, I'll be your host during your stay.

Winemaking, especially at home, is an art I'm deeply passionate about and nothing makes me happier than to teach it to others (well, maybe except drinking the results!). As of now I'm teaching my grandson all about it - from the history to methods, equipment, recipes and everything in between - and I decided that it'd be a great opportunity to share this knowledge not only with him but with everyone around the world. With his help on the more technical aspects, I can share with you everything I know and hopefully not only teach you how to make the perfect batch of wine but also turn you into a lifelong fan of the art!

I've written several essential articles on the subject and I'll keep writing more, updating the website and answering your questions as well.


All methods, guides, recipes and products have been thoroughly tested.

With decades of experience, you can count on my advice to be the very best.

All articles go straight to the point while still being in-depth and engaging.

Now without further ado - click on the articles below to read and enjoy!